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The Calile Hotel


A Symphony of Luxury and Sound

Project Completion

The Calile Hotel: A Symphony of Luxury and Sound

A Hotel Like No Other

The Calile Hotel is not just another name in Brisbane's bustling hotel scene; it's a masterpiece. Nestled amidst the city's vibrant atmosphere, this eight-story marvel is a blend of raw industrial aesthetics and luxurious finishes—think exposed concrete, Travertine, and cork-lined walls. But what truly sets it apart is its commitment to Brisbane's unique sub-tropical climate, evident in the 270,000 white bricks that adorn its façade and the breeze block openings that invite the natural elements in.

The Heartbeat: Audio-Visual Experience

From the get-go, Soho Sound Design & BennoTech were on board to craft an unparalleled audio-visual experience. The focus wasn't just on high-quality sound and visuals; it was about integrating these elements seamlessly into the hotel's architecture. The result? A system so intuitive that it can be controlled by staff through in-wall touch panels, smartphones, and tablets, without compromising on the hotel's aesthetic charm.

The Sound of Luxury

Imagine stepping into the hotel and being enveloped by high-fidelity audio that follows you from the lobby to your room. That's the Calile experience. The common areas, pool deck, bars, and even the premier suites are equipped with Meyer Sound systems, offering an auditory experience that's nothing short of luxurious. And it's not just about the sound; it's about the technology that powers it. The IntelligentDC architecture minimizes rack sizes and heat generation, while the weather-resistant loudspeakers ensure that the Calile's sound experience is as enduring as it is enchanting.

The Tech Behind the Magic

The Calile Hotel employs a BSS Soundweb London DSP network to manage its extensive audio feeds. With over 120 inputs and outputs, this system is the backbone of the hotel's sound experience. Add to that the JustAddPower HD over IP transmitters and receivers, and you have a video distribution system that's as flexible as it is powerful.

The Control Room

Automation is key at the Calile. While many operational tasks are automated, each function room and common space is equipped with at least one 7” touch panel for real-time adjustments. Staff can also control the system remotely, ensuring that the hotel's audio-visual experience is always in tune with its guests' needs.

Key Features:

Some of the key features of this project included:

  • Expansive RTI control system used throughout the hotel for daily operation of all common guest areas. The RTI system has 9 touch panels and a further 4 individual iOS control interfaces with user management and automation schedules.

  • Audio like no other. Music and entertainment were a crucial element for this project. Over 150 speakers were used throughout this project, with majority being Meyer Sound products. From the moment a guest arrives in the hotel set down area, they are greeted with high fidelity, full range audio. This continues throughout the other common guest areas including the Lobby, Lobby Bar, Lobby Shop, Arcade, Poolside, Function Areas, premier suites and most recently, the James Street shopping precinct. Due to their versatility and performance, the speakers of choice were the Meyer Sound MM4XP and Ashby5C loudspeakers partnered with the MM10XP subwoofers.

  • The lighting control for the function spaces was integrated into the RTI control system. Each of these areas work together on custom scenes operated by hotel staff. This element is important for any function event and it was essential to give the staff as much granular control as possible.

  • A BSS Soundweb London DSP network carries and manages all audio feeds for the hotel including the premier suites. This system has over 120 inputs and outputs and utilises Dante to carry audio between racks on the 10GB fibre backbone. Atterotech 2x2 Dante endpoints are used in the gym and premier suites due to their small size and silent operation. Eight channels of ListenTech AudioEverywhere provide WiFi based real time audio to guests smart devices for personal listening and hearing augmentation throughout the whole building.

  • The video distribution is handled by JustAddPower HD over IP transmitters and receivers. 10GB fibre back bones allow any display to view any source regardless of what rack they are run from. The JAD endpoints also carry power ON and OFF control information to the TVs and projectors minimising the number of wires required at each point.


RTI, Meyer Sound, Dynalite Lighting, Clipsal CBUS Lighting, JustAddPower, BSS Soundweb London, Ubiquiti UniFI Network


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