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Presidential Estate | Brisbane


This one is special…

Project Completion

Situated deep in the heart of Fig Tree Pocket, this project sits alongside an impressive 130m frontage of the Brisbane River. Known as the ‘Presidential Estate’, it spans over 9 acres and 3 titles consisting of multiple dwellings all linked together with beautifully manicured lawns and landscaping.


BennoTech was engaged in mid 2020 to provide professional design and programming services related to the DMX controlled coloured lighting and high-performance audio system within the Grand Room and attached entertainment areas. From this initial scope, the system was expanded to include all areas of the home. BennoTech provided equipment, installation, and programming solutions for lighting, audio, video, security, access control, climate, and IT networking.


With a project of this scale, Savant was the only choice that would ensure an easy-to-use interface with the powerful level of control required to wrangle a system of this magnitude. Building the project around the Savant ecosystem was critical to the overall success of the project. Key Savant product selections include: Savant Pro Host, Savant IP Video Network, Savant IP Audio Network, Savant DMX controllers, and numerous Savant extender devices. With this backbone in place, BennoTech was able to deliver each of the services throughout the home flawlessly.


The use of Meyer Sound throughout the project provides high-performance audio reproduction in key use areas, such as the Grand Room, Games Room, Formal Dining, Porte-cochere, Tennis Court, and over 2.5 acres of landscape audio coverage. This type of deployment signifies one of the largest Meyer Sound installations in a private residence globally.  


The project is currently in the final stages of completion with numerous additions still being made as recently as June 2023. The most recent included connecting an onsite Business Centre complete with Media Conference Area, Boardroom, Meeting Rooms, Guest Bedroom, and attached gardens. This dwelling is connected to the main house via 380m of fibre, allowing BennoTech to extend the Savant system into this space. The connection allows for shared audio, video, IT network, and surveillance between locations.


Key Features:

Savant IP Video Network consisting of two large scale Netgear 10G switches, and thirty Savant IP Video endpoints, with Savant tiling available in every room. This is partnered with numerous Savant IP Audio devices providing a seamless Savant experience.


DMX Lighting in Grand Room. This is a complete custom solution involving six motorised moving head fixtures, two custom motorised trap door boxes, 1500+ DMX channels, 16 DMX universes, a lot of coffee, and infinite patience. The Savant interfaces with this room for two modes of operation: simple – via Savant DMX controller; and advanced – via Enttec Splay. The Savant can recall one of fifty pre-programmed lighting shows, including dedicated performance/band lighting, general ambience, and nightclub scenes.


This project has been a proud moment in the short history of BennoTech and will provide years of enjoyment for the client.


Savant & Central Equipment

1x Savant Pro Host (daVinci 10.3)

1x Savant IP Video 8 Input Device (VIMAP8S)

2x Savant IP Video 1 Input Device (VIMVPF1)

20x Savant Video Output Device (VOMVPF1 – Tiling for All Displays)

1x Netgear M4300-48XF IP Video Switch

1x Netgear M4300-24X24F IP Video Switch

1x Savant SIPA125 Smart Amplifier (SIPA125)

15x Savant SIPA1SM Smart Amplifier (SIPA1SM)

3x Savant IP Audio Balanced Output Devices (AOMBAL8C)

14x Savant IP Audio Input Device (AIO1C)

6x Savant Music Server (SMS-2001)

2x Extreme Networks 24port AVB Network Switch (ESN-AVB24E-01)

6x Motu AVB Network Switch

1x Netgear AVB Network Switch

12x Savant X2 Pro Remote

5x Savant Garage Door Controller (SSC-0002)

2x Savant 2N IP Helios Entry Stations

1x Savant Smart Controller Extender (SSC0025)

3x Savant Smart Controller Extender (SSC0012)


1x BSS Blu160 Audio DSP Controller

1x BSS BluDAN Dante Interface

3x BSS BluBOB Output Expander

2x BSS BluBIB Input Expander

3x Yamaha RX-A4A AV Receiver

1x Yamaha RX-A8A AV Receiver

1x Powersoft Mezzo604 Amplifier

8x Sennheiser EW-D Microphone Channels


IT Network

1x Ubquiti UniFi UDM-Pro

2x Ubquiti UniFi 48port PRO Switch

6x Ubquiti UniFi 24port PRO Switch

3x Ubquiti UniFi 10port Industrial Switch

27x Ubquiti UniFi NanoHD Wi-Fi Access Point



1x CBUS Light Engine Pro

8x CBUS Networks controlling over 350 groups of lights, shades, fans and ponds

3x Savant DMX Interfaces (LCBDMX)

1x Enttec S-Player DMX Show

1x Enttec DataGate DMX Manager

1x Enttec ArtNet to DMX Universe Splitter

16x DMX Universes throughout the Grand Room

2x Ultralift Custom Hideaway Boxes for Show Lights

4x Acme Razer Hybrid (20 Ch Mode)

2x Acme o2 Oxygen (37 Ch Mode)

42x Space Cannon Linear Pixel Bars


Speakers & Audio

11x Meyer Sound UP4slim Loudspeaker

54x Meyer Sound MM-4 Loudspeaker

10x Meyer Sound Ashby5C Ceiling Loudspeaker

13x Meyer Sound MM-10 Subwoofer

2x Meyer Sound USW112P Subwoofer

13x Meyer Sound MPS-488HP Power Supply

10pr Audac CELO6 Ceiling Speaker

22pr OSD Black R63 Ceiling Speaker

2x OSD Black Trevoce 10 Subwoofer

1x Savant Nano Subwoofer

1x OSD Black Cinema Package



BenQ LK970 Projector

Sony 4K Displays

Panasonic 4K Displays



4x Foxtel IQ5

20x Apple TV 4K

5x Sony UBP-X800 BluRay Player

Clearone converge HUDDLE


Other Services

8x CoolAutomation CoolLink Hub

2x Ness M1 Alarm Systems

1x Hikvision 32ch NVR


With Special Thanks:

Jason Roesler – Soho Sound Design (Meyer Sound Audio Design & DSP)

Jonathan Earl – Earl AV (Installation)

Zac Bennett – AV Control Solutions (Installation)

Justin Gettens – Advanced Cablers (Installation)

Dennis DeCicco (Installation)

Jack Vandenberg (Audio Tuning)

Saul Nelson – TV Installers (Cinema)

Matt Falicz – AV Total Solutions (Ultralift custom boxes)

ACOT Electrical (Electrical Contractor)


Savant, Meyer Sound, Clipsal CBUS Lighting, Ubiquiti UniFI Network, BSS Soundweb London, HikVision, Access Control, Climate Control, Pool Integration, DMX Lighting, Netgear, OSD Black, Yamaha AVR, Audac, Sony Displays, Security Alarm


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