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Kingfisher | Peregian Beach


Beautiful design meets incredible technology in this beachside abode

Project Completion

The Kingfisher project is nestled along the coastline at the beautiful Peregian Beach. This multi-level wonder rises tall above the surrounding landscapes giving amazing views across the pristine ocean.

BennoTech was involved in this project from early in the design process. The clients, who we had worked with previously, wanted to achieve simplicity through technology for their new home. Working closely with key stakeholders, including the owners, architect, builder and interior designer, BennoTech provided design schematics for the automation system, structured wiring plan, entertainment system and lighting design.

Key Features:

From all initial meetings and information gathered from the clients, the brief was to achieve an intelligent home with minimal visual impact. Some of the key features of this project included:

  • The use of Samsung Frame TVs throughout entertainment areas. This allowed for the displays to be placed in prominent areas without drawing attention to the fact there was a TV in the room. This was partnered well with the clients existing artwork to blend into the spaces.

  • Audio EVERYWHERE. Music and entertainment were a critical element for this project with multi-room audio being installed throughout living and entertaining spaces. Care was taken to ensure moving throughout the home kept you in contact with the background music. Special note, a dedicated Morning scene scheduled for every morning included playing BBC Radio 1 directly to the Master Ensuite, Robe and Kitchen - this is how our client wanted to wake up each morning.

  • The lighting design set out to achieve maximum effect using indirect lighting throughout. The plan was simple, push as much light into the rooms without seeing the light. BennoTech partnered closely with Caribou to execute the client's vision. Numerous selections of linear LED were used to create task lighting from integrated reveals with specialised art and pendent fixtures providing the mood lighting. This was all brought together using Dynalite as the lighting system which was connected into the Savant control system.


Savant, Origin Acoustics, Dynalite Lighting, Climate Control, Pool Integration, Epson Projectors, Ubiquiti UniFI Network, HikVision, Access Control


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